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We innovate software solutions for operations systems

Who We Are

Started back in 2012, Order King has revolutionized the Austrian’s food delivery landscape and has mastered the art of effective and upgradable tech solutions

We help the hospitality industry gain the secret to exceptional guest service and greater profit margins through our superior solution-oriented, user-friendly and highly secure products, combined with our top-notch customer service.

With Orderking you're in control, serving excellence and building customer loyalty.


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Our Responsibility

Driven by a sole mission to empower the entire hospitality industry with our latest technology solutions, we are looking forward to become the number one hospitality technology provider in Austria and the Middle East.
We aim to improve business operations by digitizing and coordinating work processes. Order King is positioned to help its clients bridge their digital and physical operations—helping them connect with consumers anytime, anywhere and streamline their business so they can differentiate, compete and win in our evolving digital world.
At OrderKing, we're driven by our core values that are the compass guiding our journey toward delivering exceptional service and innovation in the food delivery sector.

Our core Values


Order King’s team members are creative problem-solvers. They hold themselves and each other accountable to get the job done.


Empathy is our default. We strive to make everyone from employees and customer to partners and beyond, feel like they belong.


Great ideas come from anyone regardless of title or background. We believe your opinion matters and that open and honest feedback is a gift.

Curiosity and passion

We’re always hungry for innovation. We challenge the status quo and take risks to help our clients and team thrive. Our curiosity and passion are the foundation for what we do.


There’s no “I” in Order King. We believe that the only way to succeed is by solving problems together and sharing lessons along the way. As individuals, we own our actions, support and respect each other and embrace our differences.


In a fast-living and ever-changing digital world, we strive to always be one step ahead and implement game changing new features to overcome new challenges faced by the food delivery sector.


OrderKing lives & breathes customer service. We‘ve got you covered at any time and with anything you need. Our “After Sale Service” team will always meet your inquiry with empathy, motivation and a hands-on mentality, being fully aware of the time-sensitivity in this industry. Your success is our success and vice versa. That’s why we never shy away from a request.