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Cash Register

6 Steps Of Royal Management

Offer royal service online and offline by being technically up to date.


Essential data security!

Huge collection of elements, and rich customization options for you.

Cash registers security regulation!

100% tax office compliant according to Austrian requirements.

Fast connection!

Connect the different fields of work, fast and secure for a fluent communication.

Be up to date!

Be advanced through regular software updates.

Ordering Process

All tools for perfect order intakes.

Tally up!

On the cash register or mobile. Add up professional , online and offline.

Easy online ordering acceptance!

Take orders online or from the QR - menu at the checkout through the automatic connection to own and other online services.

Connected to the phone system!

Calls can be done straight from the checkout. Use call recognition with customer information analog and mobile.

Various payments options!

Wether cash, ATM or via NFC on the mobile device. Pick the most modern payment options online and offline.

Royal treatment for your customers!

The POS system that keeps guests coming back!

Manage your customer data!

All addresses, orders and statistics at a glance with OrderKing.

Keep your regular clientele!

Reward your customers loyalty through individual pricing.

Flexible voucher system!

Offer promotional and gift vouchers online and locally.

Marketing deluxe!

Send out news and promotions via sms or e-mail.

Thrill your staff!

With OrderKing ,your employees love working!

Easy to train!

The user friendly interface impresses with colors, images and an exact order of the menu. New staff will get it fast!

Follow all actions!

Every step retraced at the checkout.

Authorization management!

Different authorizations depending on the function.

Time recording system!

Every employee has an own log in.

Order in the warehouse!

Chaos was yesterday with these tools!

Stock level!

Check your stock in several branches.


Store recipes for all items for the correct stock level.


Your stock is counted annually.


Your foundation for financial and operational success!


Retrieve all information about addresses, orders and so on...


Inspect everything from daily financial operations, weekly reporting and book keeping

System management!

For all your items, promotions and prices.

Controlling functions!

All actions on the cash register can be tracked by your staff.

Speed up the process with the king!

OrderKing is here to serve you no matter the business type. Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or any other venture, our system is designed to cater to your unique needs.