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QR Menu

QR Menu

The QR menu for happy customers, good working staff and higher sales.

Digital customer service the king's way!

Who waits for a waiter?

It's simply your guest, who decides when to order. No waiting time for ordering more wine!

Simple table payments!

Online payment methods chosen by your customer while he sits on his chair.

One click for royal service!

Processed messages for the waiter. Your customer simply pushes a button to get what he wants.

Design, the way it suits you!

Adapt your menu to your corporate identity.

International communication

Switch between languages and add new ones.

Boost your up-selling!

Present menus individually and add creative specials. That keeps customers and your turnovers happy.

The kings code !

QR code menus for fast online ordering inside the restaurant.

Different devices, same data status!

Be up to date with the direct connection to the POS system.

Speed up the process with the king!

OrderKing is here to serve you no matter the business type. Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or any other venture, our system is designed to cater to your unique needs.